Fees For Loan Document Signing Services:

$175 – $250 – First set of loan documents.

$75 – For second set of documents during same signing

(Includes copy set for borrower)

$50 – Quit Claim/Grant Deeds.  $10 each additional signature.

How much to get a document notarized:
$15 per notarized signature with an additional travel fee.

Additional Fees:

Wait time:  After a 15 minute grace period client is charged $1.00 per minute.

After hours signing: 11:00 PM – 8:00 AM $25 – $50 service fee

Emergency Notary Services: Depends on the time.  Call for rate.

County Jails: $200

Return check fee: $30


Services include notarization, proper identification, and obtaining all signatures required, and acquiring any additional information from Borrower as required by lender/escrow, pick-up and delivery, and completion in a timely manner, at a convenient location for the borrowers and/or escrow, title or lender.

If a borrower does not show or refuses to sign documents, fee is still due and payable. This fee will be equal to a minimum of 1/2 of the signing fee, OR printing charges and travel fee of $40 ($1.00 per mile for travel beyond 40 miles round-trip), as well as fee for wait time, $1.00 per minute. This is to insure that all documents are properly prepared and borrowers are well informed prior to Notary Signing Agent’s arrival to conduct the signing.